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The black woman smiled. “Joan,” she said. “I want you to call
me ‘Queen.’ Joan just looked at her stupidly, wishing the pain
in her bladder would go away — at least until a less
inconvenient time presented itself. A black queen? “How fitting
for this dirty little chess board,” she thought in fearful anger.

“Ah saw you lookin’ mah way,” Queen continued, slowly removing
the short, dark jacket she’d been wearing. Even in this dim
light, Joan could see the rippling, well-defined muscles of her
arms, clearly revealed by the tight tank top the other woman
wore. “When you smiled back and then came here, I knew whatchu
wanted.” Queen had been moving forward slowly as she’d been
talking and was now only a few inches away. Joan stared at Queen
like a deer gazing at the oncoming headlights of a speeding

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She heard the soft sound of a door opening. She looked up to see
the black woman pushing the bolt lock into place. Joan’s mind
froze. She’d never expected anyone else to enter the room — it
was a BATHROOM for God’s sake!

The black woman’s voice was smooth and confident. “Hey baby, you
don’ waste any time, do you.” It was a statement, not a
question. “What’s your name, shugah?”

Joan’s ribcage felt too small for her lungs. “The door had a
lock! I should have used the lock!” The pressure in her bladder
was evolving into an actual pain. “Not now,” she tried to will
the feeling away. She looked at the intruder again, summoning
her strength for a possible confrontation

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Inside, the room was small, dingy, and smelled like urine. The
peeling wallpaper looked beige, but in the light of the single
dim yellowish bulb, it could have been almost any color. There
were no stalls, just a toilet, a sink, and a paper towel
dispenser. The floor was tiled in alternating squares of black
and white. “Rather like a chess board,” Joan thought, giddily.

Standing with her back to the toilet, Joan unbuttoned her suit
jacket and slid her panties down around her ankles, preparing to
seat herself. “I’m glad the light’s so bad,” she thought, “if I
knew for sure how dirty this thing is, I’d bust before I used

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Joan felt ill and her knees went weak. “Ohgodohgodohgod!” Her
mind was reeling. “She probably thinks I’m a lesbian or
something,” Joan thought in panic. “I’d better get out of here!”
She rose unsteadily to her feet and stumbled towards the door.
“I think I’ve drank more than I realized,” she thought.
As she stood, she became aware of a growing pressure in her
bladder. “Damn! Shouldn’t have drank so much!” she thought in
frustration. “I’ll never make it home.” She weighed her
embarrassment and discomfort against the steadily increasing
pressure in her bladder. Her bladder won. “One quick pit stop
and them I’m outta here,” she promised herself.
She pushed heavily against the swinging door to the restroom,
catching herself as she staggered against the wall. “I’ve got to
start watching how much I drink,” she thought. “I’m going to get
myself in trouble one of these days.”

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“That’s it!” she realized. There were no men in here! The
groups of two or four at each table were women. Two couples
circled lazily on the small dance floor … women! Joan felt
queasy and she realized her heart was pounding. “Shit! I’ve
been sitting in a gay bar!”

Feeling guilty, as if she were a voyeur, Joan took a quick look
back at the two deviants she had first noticed. Joan’s heart
jumped and she couldn’t breath: the black woman was looking
directly at her. And she was smiling! Out of nervous reflex,
Joan smiled back and then quickly looked away.

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Almost relieved not to be a spectator to any embarrassing scenes,
Joan saw that no one in the crowded little bar seemed to be
paying any attention to the two at the far table. Joan sipped
her drink and laughed to herself. Some people had no sense of
modesty. She paused and tried to focus her thoughts. Something
else was nagging at her. She looked around the bar again, more
carefully. There was something … different. But she couldn’t
put her finger on it.

As she carefully examined the room, she was heartened by the fact
that she had an opportunity to try to think about things without
getting distracted by crude advances from a roomful of men with
more hormones than consideration.

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She sipped her most recent drink and started looking more closely
at her surroundings. Nice place. Low light, subdued music,
quiet clientele… “I may have found a new ‘regular watering
hole,'” she thought gratefully.

Her eyes came to rest on two women at a small table across the
room. A tall, statuesque black woman in a short jacket was
talking with a large-boned, somewhat homely blonde dressed in
jeans. “The black one must be some kind of athlete,” Joan
thought. “I’ve never seen such wide shoulders on a woman
before.” Though slowed by alcohol, Joan realized she was staring
and quickly averted her eyes out of habit.

But she instantly jerked her gaze back to the pair. The black
woman’s hand was on the thick blonde’s thigh! Joan stared in
awe. “God! Don’t they realize there are people around?!?” she
wondered. Joan glanced around to see if anyone had noticed the
two deviants.

Navy uniform

Several drinks later found her in a much better mood. She
studied her reflection in the glass. Attractive. Nothing
spectacular. Average height and build. Shoulder-length blonde
hair. “Maybe if I were stunningly attractive, I’d have gotten
farther than I have and wouldn’t have to work so hard,” she
thought with a twinge of resentment. She glanced down at her
body, hidden in the navy blue suit that served as a uniform for
all of the account representatives at her company. “Average,”
she sneered. “Maybe I’m too severe in my appearance? Or maybe I
just need bigger boobs.” Realizing she was unfairly getting down
on herself, she allowed her mind and her eyes to wander.

Delicious drink

Joan sat heavily at the booth and ordered a tequila sunrise.
Leaning heavily on the table, she watched the waitress walk away.

“God, I can’t believe this week!” she thought, letting her eyes
close with fatigue. “Work, work, work! But no more overtime!
The project is over and it’s Saturday night! Maybe I can salvage
something from this weekend.” She kicked off her shoes under the
table and let her toes stretch in newfound freedom.

Her drink came and she took a long pull. She sighed with bliss.
Delicious! And she needed this! She mused appreciatively about
how lucky she had been to find this place — only a block away
from work and she had never noticed it before. Her eyes focused
on her glass. Empty. She signalled the waitress for another.
“I deserve it,” she thought with satisfaction.

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After a bit she rolled over and we hugged and kissed. I told
her that I couldn’t believe we had found each other just this
morning. We got up in a little while, and had breakfast in the
nude. She wanted to eat her breakfast off my body, but I told her
we would do that some other Sunday morning. I didn’t want to put
my wet running clothes back on, so Ellen loaned my some shorts and
a blouse, and took me home. When we got to my house, I invited
her in, once we were inside, I took off the clothes she loaned me,
not only to give them back to her, but in hopes that she might
want to make love again. Although she kissed and hugged me, and
ran her hands all over my body, she couldn’t stay. I wanted to
spend all day with her, but we both had made other plans, so we
planned to get together soon.

I wanted to please her

Ellen rolled off me, and I had her lay on her stomach. I
reached under her legs, and put my hands on the front of her
thighs. I pulled slightly, and she raised her bottom. This way I
had a view and access to everything. I started licking her
clitoris again, and got her close to orgasm. I moved up her
slit, and drove my tongue as far as I could into her vagina. I
moved my tongue up, licking the bottom of her slit, and then I
flicked my tongue lightly around her anus, getting it
lubricated with my saliva. I went back to her clitoris, but I
used my finger to first tease her anus, and then to enter it. At
first, she resisted, but then she relaxed, and I moved my finger
in and out. When Ellen orgasmed, she pushed her bottom back
toward my face as I licked her even faster. She was quite vocal,
calling my name, and moving her head. I had wanted to please her,
and I had.

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She grew wetter the more I licked her, her juice was flowing down
onto my face. I didn’t know who was going to orgasm first, but
was we each got closer, we increased our kissing, and sucking,
and licking, and it drove the other on. I couldn’t hold back, I
had been turned on since I had seen her when we were running, so
I had a wonderful orgasm, I could feel my vagina contracting on
her fingers, so I just moaned with delight.

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She left my mouth, and started kissing down my body, across my
breasts, down my stomach, and finally to my pussy. She positioned
her body, so that her pussy was over my face. I took her pussy
lips in my fingers, and spread her open. Her clitoris was hard,
and visible outside it’s little hood. I started licking it, and
she lowered her body to meet my tongue. Ellen spread me open, and
was licking me, and pulling on my ring with her fingers. She
stopped that for a while, and eased two fingers inside my vagina.
She explored me, I could feel her touching me all over inside.

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She got a clean towel from her linen closet, threw it to me, and
turned the shower on. We waited for the shower to warm up and she
said “Get in”, as I stepped past her, she put her hand in the
small of my back to help me in. As I stepped over the edge of the
tub, she let her hand slid down to my bottom, giving me a little
squeeze. As I was about to draw the shower curtain closed, she
said “Mind if I join you?” I smiled, and said “I’d love it.”
The warm water relaxed us both, I soaped up my hands, and
started washing her. Her breasts felt so good, and her nipples
grew erect as I washed them. I continued to wash down her
stomach, and then I started to wash her pussy. I soaped up her
thin strip of pubic hair, and let my soapy fingers slip into her
slit. As I rubbed, Ellen closed her eyes, and leaned back
against the tile. I told her to turn around and began stroking
her ass. I began rubbing my hand back and forth like that for a
little while, occasionally probing her anus with my finger. Ellen
was turned on, there was no doubt. She turned and said “Let me
wash you.” She soaped me up, her hands were everywhere, she
kneaded my breasts, rolled my nipples between her fingers, ran her
soapy hands over my stomach, and gave extra attention to washing
my pussy. It was while she was sliding her fingers into me, that
she noticed my little ring. She was excited, and wanted to see it,
so we rinsed off, toweled each other off, and she led me over to
her bed. I tend to be the aggressive one in my relationships, but
Ellen was definitely taking the lead. We got on her bed, and she
started kissing me, our tongues met, and explored each others
mouths, my hands moved over her body, feeling, fondling, probing.

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She laughed
and said “You can sit down Renee” as she peeled off her leotard,
“or you can get out of your wet clothes too”. She was gorgeous, a
thin supple body, high tight breasts, flat stomach, and just a
thin strip of pubic hair not more than an inch wide covering her
pussy. I took her suggestion, and pulled off my running clothes.
As I did, I watched her looking at my body, and I think she liked
what she saw.
We picked up our wet clothes, and hung them on the pack of
her barstools. She was not as tall as me. She moved so fluidly
around the room, she was almost cat-like. When we finished the
juice, she asked if I wanted to stay for breakfast. Well I
wanted to stay period. I was getting so wet, just watching her,
I knew my pussy was showing that I was getting turned on. I said
“I’d love to, but I’d like to shower first.” Ellen said “That’s
a good idea, lets go”, and with that she led me to her bedroom.