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Now Amy gently removed Carols shirt and told her how beautiful
she was and how the guys must love to fondle and suck her
breasts. She told Carol to close her eyes. Amy lowered her head
to her neck and began kissing her. She soon moved down to carol`s
huge breasts and started to lick the underside of each one.
Carol`s nipples really grew. They looked like huge acorns. Amy
now began sucking them. Carol had not said a word. As her sucking
became more intense, I saw her slide her right hand into Carol`s
panties. At first lightly and then harder, she rubbed Carol`s
clitoris in a circular motion, every once in while sliding a
finger into her pussy. I found myself becoming quite aroused and
puzzled. I walked back outside and decided to make a loud
entrance so the girls would hear me coming into the house.

I waited about five minutes after making lots of noise with my
car. When I came in the door I was greeted by a “Hi,Mom” from
downstairs. I slowly walked down the stairs and smelled the aroma
that only a woman can make when she is excited. I told the girls
that I had had a headache and decided to come home. Amy asked if
I`d mind giving her a lift back to the dorm and I said I wouldn`t
mind at all.