Delicious drink

Joan sat heavily at the booth and ordered a tequila sunrise.
Leaning heavily on the table, she watched the waitress walk away.

“God, I can’t believe this week!” she thought, letting her eyes
close with fatigue. “Work, work, work! But no more overtime!
The project is over and it’s Saturday night! Maybe I can salvage
something from this weekend.” She kicked off her shoes under the
table and let her toes stretch in newfound freedom.

Her drink came and she took a long pull. She sighed with bliss.
Delicious! And she needed this! She mused appreciatively about
how lucky she had been to find this place — only a block away
from work and she had never noticed it before. Her eyes focused
on her glass. Empty. She signalled the waitress for another.
“I deserve it,” she thought with satisfaction.

Hot horny blondes

Lesbian Couple Having Fun
My parents went out of town for a weekend, and left me with my brother.
He told me that I could have a friend over to spend Saturday night,
because he was going to a party and probably wouldn’t come home. So,
I called my friend Kristen, and she came over at 5:00.

I had always thought she was pretty, and now this “new me” thought she
was so pretty and luscious!

She was about an inch taller than me, with long, curly, light brown hair,
brown eyes, and sweetly curved lips that glistened wetly. Her body was
tight and round in all the right places. I couldn’t take my eyes off of
her as we ate a pizza and watched TV–waiting for my brother to leave.
I was dying to know the shape and color of her nipples, the softness of
her pussy, and the taste of her juices.

Gym Lesbian Fantasy

Here I was, sweating my ass off at my aerobics class, thinking
what an asswhole my ex-boyfriend was, when I lost my concentration,
stumbled, and fell into the most beautiful woman that I had ever
seen. She had black, straight hair, that fell almost to her waist,
bright green eyes, a rosy complexion, and an enviable bust line.
She couldn’t have been more than 5’2″ tall. Slim, trim, sexy
as hell, just what I had always wanted to be. But I was tall,
sure I was in shape, but men never seemed to go for the tall
ones. Over come by her beauty, I mumbled an apology, grabbed
my towel, and headed for the showers. Standing in the warmth
of the shower, I couldn’t keep my mind off that girl. I had never
had an experience with a woman, and I wasn’t sure that I had
ever wanted to. But something about this girl…I don’t know,
just got me thinking. I started fantasizing about what she would
look like without her leotard on. Needless to say I got turned
on by my thoughts. With soapy fingers, I began to mindlessly
caress my breasts and nipples, all the while thinking about her.
My nipples responded almost immediately, pushing erect against
my hands. I felt a heat start in my pussy, and a pulsating sensation
in my clit.