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After a bit she rolled over and we hugged and kissed. I told
her that I couldn’t believe we had found each other just this
morning. We got up in a little while, and had breakfast in the
nude. She wanted to eat her breakfast off my body, but I told her
we would do that some other Sunday morning. I didn’t want to put
my wet running clothes back on, so Ellen loaned my some shorts and
a blouse, and took me home. When we got to my house, I invited
her in, once we were inside, I took off the clothes she loaned me,
not only to give them back to her, but in hopes that she might
want to make love again. Although she kissed and hugged me, and
ran her hands all over my body, she couldn’t stay. I wanted to
spend all day with her, but we both had made other plans, so we
planned to get together soon.

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Ellen rolled off me, and I had her lay on her stomach. I
reached under her legs, and put my hands on the front of her
thighs. I pulled slightly, and she raised her bottom. This way I
had a view and access to everything. I started licking her
clitoris again, and got her close to orgasm. I moved up her
slit, and drove my tongue as far as I could into her vagina. I
moved my tongue up, licking the bottom of her slit, and then I
flicked my tongue lightly around her anus, getting it
lubricated with my saliva. I went back to her clitoris, but I
used my finger to first tease her anus, and then to enter it. At
first, she resisted, but then she relaxed, and I moved my finger
in and out. When Ellen orgasmed, she pushed her bottom back
toward my face as I licked her even faster. She was quite vocal,
calling my name, and moving her head. I had wanted to please her,
and I had.

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She laughed
and said “You can sit down Renee” as she peeled off her leotard,
“or you can get out of your wet clothes too”. She was gorgeous, a
thin supple body, high tight breasts, flat stomach, and just a
thin strip of pubic hair not more than an inch wide covering her
pussy. I took her suggestion, and pulled off my running clothes.
As I did, I watched her looking at my body, and I think she liked
what she saw.
We picked up our wet clothes, and hung them on the pack of
her barstools. She was not as tall as me. She moved so fluidly
around the room, she was almost cat-like. When we finished the
juice, she asked if I wanted to stay for breakfast. Well I
wanted to stay period. I was getting so wet, just watching her,
I knew my pussy was showing that I was getting turned on. I said
“I’d love to, but I’d like to shower first.” Ellen said “That’s
a good idea, lets go”, and with that she led me to her bedroom.

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I said “Hi” and she responded with a “How
you doing?…Say I like your running outfit” I was wearing my new
lycra “wetsuit” outfit, and as wet as they were, you could see my
nipples too. The bottoms were sticking to me like a second skin,
and I saw her glance down at my crotch. You could tell from the
way the material was stretched smooth across my mons, that I had
no pubic hair. We introduced ourselves, and continued chatting as
we ran south. We got to the Hunting Towers Apts at the south end
of Alexandria, and Ellen said, “Well Renee, this is where I live,
so that’s it for me.” I still had a couple of miles to go, but I
said “I think I’ll quit too, maybe walk a little.” As we walked
up to the front of her apartment building, she said “You want to
come up for a drink of O.J.?”