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Joan felt ill and her knees went weak. “Ohgodohgodohgod!” Her
mind was reeling. “She probably thinks I’m a lesbian or
something,” Joan thought in panic. “I’d better get out of here!”
She rose unsteadily to her feet and stumbled towards the door.
“I think I’ve drank more than I realized,” she thought.
As she stood, she became aware of a growing pressure in her
bladder. “Damn! Shouldn’t have drank so much!” she thought in
frustration. “I’ll never make it home.” She weighed her
embarrassment and discomfort against the steadily increasing
pressure in her bladder. Her bladder won. “One quick pit stop
and them I’m outta here,” she promised herself.
She pushed heavily against the swinging door to the restroom,
catching herself as she staggered against the wall. “I’ve got to
start watching how much I drink,” she thought. “I’m going to get
myself in trouble one of these days.”

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Almost relieved not to be a spectator to any embarrassing scenes,
Joan saw that no one in the crowded little bar seemed to be
paying any attention to the two at the far table. Joan sipped
her drink and laughed to herself. Some people had no sense of
modesty. She paused and tried to focus her thoughts. Something
else was nagging at her. She looked around the bar again, more
carefully. There was something … different. But she couldn’t
put her finger on it.

As she carefully examined the room, she was heartened by the fact
that she had an opportunity to try to think about things without
getting distracted by crude advances from a roomful of men with
more hormones than consideration.

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“Great!” I said. As we got on the elevator, a couple of guys
who had been running got on too. They were checking us out, and
their running shorts started bulging. It’s a shame that Susie Q.
wasn’t there to help those two guys with their problem. We got
off on Ellen’s floor, and went to her apartment.
It had a great view of the Potomac. Ellen went into the
kitchen, and returned with two glasses of juice. I did not want
to sit down, because my shorts were so wet. Ellen reached up, and
pulled down on her pink shorts, dropping them and stepping out.
She had only the black leotard on now. It was cut so high on the
hips, that the front barely covered her pussy. It was obvious
that she trimmed it. As she looked at me, she could see I was
staring at her body, and in particular, her crotch.

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Amy started stroking my
clit, entering my pussy every two or three circles. I grabbed her
head and pulled it to me. Our lips and tongues met and I told her
how much I wanted her. She spread my legs and pushed her pussy
against mine.

I lifted my legs so that my ankles were resting on her shoulders.
Amy`s hands were now flat on the bed, one on either side of my
shoulders. Her knees were now almost under my ass as we began to
grind together in a steady rythem. I opened my eyes and looked up
at my beautiful lover. Amy was gazing at me and licking her lips
seductively. I felt my entire body begin to shake as my orgasm
came on. we both exploded within seconds. It was the most
incredible sex I had ever had. Amy collapsed on top of me, and I
must have drifted off for a few minutes.

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her flesh, pulling her ass cheeks apart, grinding her little
pussy into mine. Lying side by side now, she licked her index
finger and probed my pussy, grazing my sensitive clit, gently
sliding her finger into my hot wet hole. Pulling her finger out,
she licked it, and moaned.”I want to taste your sweet pussy.”
she told me breathlessly. Moving down my body with gentle kisses,
she lay between my legs. Nuzzling me at first, she wrapped her
arms around my thighs. The first touch of her tongue nearly knocked
me from the bed. She dove in with her tongue, tasting me, then
just flicking my clit. She drove me wild! Pretty soon, I was
guiding her head, grinding my cunt into her face. She licked,
sooo good. She stuck her tongue deep inside me, licking as deep
as she could go. I felt the first tremor of orgasm wash over
me. Sensing this, she concentrated on my clit, sucking it into
her mouth. I came, screaming, arching off the bed, pushing my
pussy into her mouth, pulling her closer to me.

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I think that you need some
serious loving, and I mean loving the way only a woman could
understand. So if I haven’t shocked you, or offended you, will
you consider making love to me? Well… ah… er… I’ve never
done this before, but if you’ll help me learn…?” I left the
rest of the sentence unfinished, desperatley praying that she
wouldn’t turn me down. “Come then, and experience.” she said,
taking my hand and rising to her feet.

Following her into her bedroom, my hands were shaking, my thoughts
were spinning around in my head, but all I wanted to do was to
please my new friend. Sitting, facing her on the bed, we gazed
into each other eyes. She reached out and cupped my face in her
delicate little hands. Leaning toward me, her sweet breath fanned
my face, as she kissed my eyebrow, my cheek, and with a wet little
tongue traced my ear. Chills ran down my spine, and my back arched.
I put my arms around her and gasped.