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Joan felt ill and her knees went weak. “Ohgodohgodohgod!” Her
mind was reeling. “She probably thinks I’m a lesbian or
something,” Joan thought in panic. “I’d better get out of here!”
She rose unsteadily to her feet and stumbled towards the door.
“I think I’ve drank more than I realized,” she thought.
As she stood, she became aware of a growing pressure in her
bladder. “Damn! Shouldn’t have drank so much!” she thought in
frustration. “I’ll never make it home.” She weighed her
embarrassment and discomfort against the steadily increasing
pressure in her bladder. Her bladder won. “One quick pit stop
and them I’m outta here,” she promised herself.
She pushed heavily against the swinging door to the restroom,
catching herself as she staggered against the wall. “I’ve got to
start watching how much I drink,” she thought. “I’m going to get
myself in trouble one of these days.”

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“That’s it!” she realized. There were no men in here! The
groups of two or four at each table were women. Two couples
circled lazily on the small dance floor … women! Joan felt
queasy and she realized her heart was pounding. “Shit! I’ve
been sitting in a gay bar!”

Feeling guilty, as if she were a voyeur, Joan took a quick look
back at the two deviants she had first noticed. Joan’s heart
jumped and she couldn’t breath: the black woman was looking
directly at her. And she was smiling! Out of nervous reflex,
Joan smiled back and then quickly looked away.

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Almost relieved not to be a spectator to any embarrassing scenes,
Joan saw that no one in the crowded little bar seemed to be
paying any attention to the two at the far table. Joan sipped
her drink and laughed to herself. Some people had no sense of
modesty. She paused and tried to focus her thoughts. Something
else was nagging at her. She looked around the bar again, more
carefully. There was something … different. But she couldn’t
put her finger on it.

As she carefully examined the room, she was heartened by the fact
that she had an opportunity to try to think about things without
getting distracted by crude advances from a roomful of men with
more hormones than consideration.

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She sipped her most recent drink and started looking more closely
at her surroundings. Nice place. Low light, subdued music,
quiet clientele… “I may have found a new ‘regular watering
hole,'” she thought gratefully.

Her eyes came to rest on two women at a small table across the
room. A tall, statuesque black woman in a short jacket was
talking with a large-boned, somewhat homely blonde dressed in
jeans. “The black one must be some kind of athlete,” Joan
thought. “I’ve never seen such wide shoulders on a woman
before.” Though slowed by alcohol, Joan realized she was staring
and quickly averted her eyes out of habit.

But she instantly jerked her gaze back to the pair. The black
woman’s hand was on the thick blonde’s thigh! Joan stared in
awe. “God! Don’t they realize there are people around?!?” she
wondered. Joan glanced around to see if anyone had noticed the
two deviants.

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She laughed
and said “You can sit down Renee” as she peeled off her leotard,
“or you can get out of your wet clothes too”. She was gorgeous, a
thin supple body, high tight breasts, flat stomach, and just a
thin strip of pubic hair not more than an inch wide covering her
pussy. I took her suggestion, and pulled off my running clothes.
As I did, I watched her looking at my body, and I think she liked
what she saw.
We picked up our wet clothes, and hung them on the pack of
her barstools. She was not as tall as me. She moved so fluidly
around the room, she was almost cat-like. When we finished the
juice, she asked if I wanted to stay for breakfast. Well I
wanted to stay period. I was getting so wet, just watching her,
I knew my pussy was showing that I was getting turned on. I said
“I’d love to, but I’d like to shower first.” Ellen said “That’s
a good idea, lets go”, and with that she led me to her bedroom.

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We watched each other like this in silence, and I could see that
she was exploring my body with her eyes. After being so horny all
afternoon, I was close to popping when we started. I closed my eyes
and shuddered–coming in a wash of wet ecstasy.

I opened my eyes and she was watching me intently, and licking her lips.
I knew she was almost ready too. I started rubbing myself again with my
left hand as I licked my juice off my right. Kristen brought her legs
up as she tensed for the release, and bit her lip, letting out a little
squeak. She was tightly clutching her right breast with her left hand,
and my lust took over at the sight of her pleasure. I leaned forward
and grabbed her other tit with my wet right hand, squeezing and feeling.

We were very close at that moment, and looking into each other’s eyes.I
knew that I was going to come again and hoped we came together. Suddenly,
she gasped and squenched her eyes shut. I bucked my hips wildly, trying
to reach my peak. I boiled at the core, and we came as one.

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her flesh, pulling her ass cheeks apart, grinding her little
pussy into mine. Lying side by side now, she licked her index
finger and probed my pussy, grazing my sensitive clit, gently
sliding her finger into my hot wet hole. Pulling her finger out,
she licked it, and moaned.”I want to taste your sweet pussy.”
she told me breathlessly. Moving down my body with gentle kisses,
she lay between my legs. Nuzzling me at first, she wrapped her
arms around my thighs. The first touch of her tongue nearly knocked
me from the bed. She dove in with her tongue, tasting me, then
just flicking my clit. She drove me wild! Pretty soon, I was
guiding her head, grinding my cunt into her face. She licked,
sooo good. She stuck her tongue deep inside me, licking as deep
as she could go. I felt the first tremor of orgasm wash over
me. Sensing this, she concentrated on my clit, sucking it into
her mouth. I came, screaming, arching off the bed, pushing my
pussy into her mouth, pulling her closer to me.

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working down my back, she began soaping my buttocks….
gently kneading my ass cheeks, she dropped to her knees on
the wet floor, continuing her message down my thighs to my calfs.
I turned around to look at her. She just smiled at me, reaching
out her hand. I took her hand and helped her back to her feet.
“I’m starving, lets go to my apartment and grab some lunch.”
she said. Unable to say anything, I just nodded and followed
her to the lockers. We quickly dried off, got dressed, and lef
t the gym. Walking the few blocks to her apartment, she told
me her name was Raven and that she was a computer analyst. I
told her that mine was Cassie and I was a CPA. Over lunch we
discussed various topics, but never touching down on what had
transpired at the gym. Taking a last bite of her sandwhich, washing
it down with the last of her wine, she looked me straight in
the eye and said,”Cassie, now that we have finished with this
trivial bullshit, I’d like to get to the reason that I invited
you here. I saw the way you looked at me in the dance class,
and I could feel how your body reacted in the shower to my touch.
Let’s cut the crap and be honest.

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I’m a lesbian and have never tried to hide it. I mean, I don’t go

out knocking doors in the neighborhood proclaiming that I’m a

lesbian, but if somebody were to ask me if I was, I would say

yes. Now my partner Valerie is different. She works at a school

and if it ever got out that she liked women, her career would be

over, at least that’s what she thinks.

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So when I got home from work, and started to ask how her day was

I could see that she was visibly shaken, so I asked, “what’s the

matter baby?”. It was then that she handed me the envelope, and

as she did the pictures fell out on the floor.