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Here I was, sweating my ass off at my aerobics class, thinking
what an asswhole my ex-boyfriend was, when I lost my concentration,
stumbled, and fell into the most beautiful woman that I had ever
seen. She had black, straight hair, that fell almost to her waist,
bright green eyes, a rosy complexion, and an enviable bust line.
She couldn’t have been more than 5’2″ tall. Slim, trim, sexy
as hell, just what I had always wanted to be. But I was tall,
sure I was in shape, but men never seemed to go for the tall
ones. Over come by her beauty, I mumbled an apology, grabbed
my towel, and headed for the showers. Standing in the warmth
of the shower, I couldn’t keep my mind off that girl. I had never
had an experience with a woman, and I wasn’t sure that I had
ever wanted to. But something about this girl…I don’t know,
just got me thinking. I started fantasizing about what she would
look like without her leotard on. Needless to say I got turned
on by my thoughts. With soapy fingers, I began to mindlessly
caress my breasts and nipples, all the while thinking about her.
My nipples responded almost immediately, pushing erect against
my hands. I felt a heat start in my pussy, and a pulsating sensation
in my clit.

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Sara First Lesbian
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Lindsey McCord watched intently as each bus slipped into it’s parking place and unloaded the passengers. It was two in the morning and the old bus depot had an eerieness about it at that time of the day.
There were a few people milling around waiting for passengers, obviously relatives or friends by the way they craned their necks checking out each person as they got off the bus, smiling when they made
contact. Lindsey wasn’t looking for a friend or a relative, however, she was on the lookout for something much more exciting. There were several others just like her hanging around the terminal, only
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