Delicious drink

Joan sat heavily at the booth and ordered a tequila sunrise.
Leaning heavily on the table, she watched the waitress walk away.

“God, I can’t believe this week!” she thought, letting her eyes
close with fatigue. “Work, work, work! But no more overtime!
The project is over and it’s Saturday night! Maybe I can salvage
something from this weekend.” She kicked off her shoes under the
table and let her toes stretch in newfound freedom.

Her drink came and she took a long pull. She sighed with bliss.
Delicious! And she needed this! She mused appreciatively about
how lucky she had been to find this place — only a block away
from work and she had never noticed it before. Her eyes focused
on her glass. Empty. She signalled the waitress for another.
“I deserve it,” she thought with satisfaction.