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“Great!” I said. As we got on the elevator, a couple of guys
who had been running got on too. They were checking us out, and
their running shorts started bulging. It’s a shame that Susie Q.
wasn’t there to help those two guys with their problem. We got
off on Ellen’s floor, and went to her apartment.
It had a great view of the Potomac. Ellen went into the
kitchen, and returned with two glasses of juice. I did not want
to sit down, because my shorts were so wet. Ellen reached up, and
pulled down on her pink shorts, dropping them and stepping out.
She had only the black leotard on now. It was cut so high on the
hips, that the front barely covered her pussy. It was obvious
that she trimmed it. As she looked at me, she could see I was
staring at her body, and in particular, her crotch.