Her First Lesbian Partner

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Sitting next to her in her car one night, I was mesmerized by her feet. Yes, it sounds silly, but she had a pair of
the most attractive feet I had ever seen and I was dying to touch
them. We drove to a small beer joint to meet a couple of her
friends from the rugby team and after a while I was feeling
pretty good. Her friends went on to a party later, but we didn’t
really feel like going. Instead, we went over to her apartment
and watched “Die Hard” on her VCR. I had seen the movie before
so my mind wasn’t really on what was happening on screen. My
thoughts kept wandering…one of the most persistent visions that
I saw in my mind’s eye was the look in her eyes as she hesitantly
bent her head to kiss me.
Reality intruded rather abruptly when the movie was over
and the lights were turned on. Her hair was a little out of
place on one side from where she had been leaning against the
foot of the couch. She looked so vulnerable and alluring that I
just stared at her, open-mouthed. A quizzical look came over her
face as she stood up, holding her hand out to me to help me up
off the floor. I was very embarrassed, just knowing that she had
seen the naked desire in my eyes and had rejected me for anything
other than friendship. I put my hand in hers and allowed her to
pull me up; her touch was electrifying. My breath caught in my
throat and my face was flushed (thank God the room was lit poorly!). We exchanged some light discussion about the movie, her