I wanted to please her

Ellen rolled off me, and I had her lay on her stomach. I
reached under her legs, and put my hands on the front of her
thighs. I pulled slightly, and she raised her bottom. This way I
had a view and access to everything. I started licking her
clitoris again, and got her close to orgasm. I moved up her
slit, and drove my tongue as far as I could into her vagina. I
moved my tongue up, licking the bottom of her slit, and then I
flicked my tongue lightly around her anus, getting it
lubricated with my saliva. I went back to her clitoris, but I
used my finger to first tease her anus, and then to enter it. At
first, she resisted, but then she relaxed, and I moved my finger
in and out. When Ellen orgasmed, she pushed her bottom back
toward my face as I licked her even faster. She was quite vocal,
calling my name, and moving her head. I had wanted to please her,
and I had.