Lesbi Experience

Lesbi Experience
“Cassie, I…oh,..oh,…oh
God, Cassie, yes…ummmm…just like that…yes,…faster…oh
Cassie, I’m coming,…yes…oh…oh….YES Cassie, Yes, just
like that, oh good….feels so fucking good!” I reached behind
her and stuck the tip of my finger into her ass. With that her
orgasm broke loose like a dam, and flooded my face with torrents
of her sweet pussy juice. I continued to lap and drink down
her goo. It was running down my face, I could feel a puddle
gathering on my chin and then it ran down to my neck and wetted
my hair. I wouldn’t let up but kept stabbing my tongue deep
within her as if it were a cock. Finally she couldn’t take
anymore and she slumped off of my chest and cuddled next to