Lesbian Ejaculation

her flesh, pulling her ass cheeks apart, grinding her little
pussy into mine. Lying side by side now, she licked her index
finger and probed my pussy, grazing my sensitive clit, gently
sliding her finger into my hot wet hole. Pulling her finger out,
she licked it, and moaned.”I want to taste your sweet pussy.”
she told me breathlessly. Moving down my body with gentle kisses,
she lay between my legs. Nuzzling me at first, she wrapped her
arms around my thighs. The first touch of her tongue nearly knocked
me from the bed. She dove in with her tongue, tasting me, then
just flicking my clit. She drove me wild! Pretty soon, I was
guiding her head, grinding my cunt into her face. She licked,
sooo good. She stuck her tongue deep inside me, licking as deep
as she could go. I felt the first tremor of orgasm wash over
me. Sensing this, she concentrated on my clit, sucking it into
her mouth. I came, screaming, arching off the bed, pushing my
pussy into her mouth, pulling her closer to me.