Lesbian found love

After a bit she rolled over and we hugged and kissed. I told
her that I couldn’t believe we had found each other just this
morning. We got up in a little while, and had breakfast in the
nude. She wanted to eat her breakfast off my body, but I told her
we would do that some other Sunday morning. I didn’t want to put
my wet running clothes back on, so Ellen loaned my some shorts and
a blouse, and took me home. When we got to my house, I invited
her in, once we were inside, I took off the clothes she loaned me,
not only to give them back to her, but in hopes that she might
want to make love again. Although she kissed and hugged me, and
ran her hands all over my body, she couldn’t stay. I wanted to
spend all day with her, but we both had made other plans, so we
planned to get together soon.