Lesbo sex gallery

Lesbo sex gallery
She arched her body into mine, and we fell into a writhing tangle of
arms and legs. Her breasts were pressed to mine, and I could feel those
hard round nipples brushing my own. I was fully on top of her now, with
my right leg between hers so that my thigh rubbed her pussy. Likewise,
her right thigh rubbed my pussy, and the strong curve of her calf crossed
over my own. The total effect of hot sensation sent shivers through me.

I moved from the kiss to licking her face and neck, then back to another
wet kiss. Kristen ran her hands down my back and grabbed my firm ass,
while my own searching hands felt down her sides to her hips. My right
hand continued down her left thigh, and she brought her leg up so that
her calf rested on my ass. After a few more minutes of kissing and making
out like this, my tongue found it’s way down her neck and to her chest is
slow circles. I licked the soft white sideswell and undercurve of her
right breast, then put my mouth over one of those luscious nipples and
sucked gently. She moaned softly as I moved my tongue in slow circles,
and ran my left hand to her wet pussy. I lightly probed her pussy with
my middle finger, and moved my mouth to the other breast.