Lesbos dirty tonguing

Dirty lesbos
She got a clean towel from her linen closet, threw it to me, and
turned the shower on. We waited for the shower to warm up and she
said “Get in”, as I stepped past her, she put her hand in the
small of my back to help me in. As I stepped over the edge of the
tub, she let her hand slid down to my bottom, giving me a little
squeeze. As I was about to draw the shower curtain closed, she
said “Mind if I join you?” I smiled, and said “I’d love it.”
The warm water relaxed us both, I soaped up my hands, and
started washing her. Her breasts felt so good, and her nipples
grew erect as I washed them. I continued to wash down her
stomach, and then I started to wash her pussy. I soaped up her
thin strip of pubic hair, and let my soapy fingers slip into her
slit. As I rubbed, Ellen closed her eyes, and leaned back
against the tile. I told her to turn around and began stroking
her ass. I began rubbing my hand back and forth like that for a
little while, occasionally probing her anus with my finger. Ellen
was turned on, there was no doubt. She turned and said “Let me
wash you.” She soaped me up, her hands were everywhere, she
kneaded my breasts, rolled my nipples between her fingers, ran her
soapy hands over my stomach, and gave extra attention to washing
my pussy. It was while she was sliding her fingers into me, that
she noticed my little ring. She was excited, and wanted to see it,
so we rinsed off, toweled each other off, and she led me over to
her bed. I tend to be the aggressive one in my relationships, but
Ellen was definitely taking the lead. We got on her bed, and she
started kissing me, our tongues met, and explored each others
mouths, my hands moved over her body, feeling, fondling, probing.