Lucky Lesbians Story

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Archive-author: J.D.
Archive-title: Carol

As I mentioned in my last story {NEIGHBOR}, my new neighbors are Lynn
and her daughter Carol. I had seen Carol perform a ‘solo’ in her back yard and
was quite interested in meeting her. Several days after a visit from the two
of them, she rang my doorbell. I was elated to see her, especially since she
was wearing no bra under her top. This was evident from her exposed nipples.
I asked her in and told her that I appreciated the company. She mentioned that
her mother had gone to Massachusetts for the weekend and Carol was also ready
for some companionship.
After spending time discussing college studies and clothes before she
asked if I minded if she smoked. Although I don’t smoke, I generally allow my
smoking visitors that opportunity. Especially when I hope to make love to them
or have them love me. I was pleasantly surprised when she produced a ‘joint’
instead of a cigarette. We proceeded to smoke two reefers and of course the
conversation became randier. The combination of the noxious weed and her lithe
figure prompted me to ask about her sexual preference. She stated that she was
open to many forms of sex, but preferred women because men tend to be somewhat
egocentric, especially the college and high school boys. The grin on my face
made it unnecessary for me to answer my question.
We took her pot and retreated to my play room in the attic. Entering
the room, Carol mentioned what a beautiful view I had and commented on my
ability to see into her back yard. As I pulled out my toys from their chest, I
related how I had masturbated in unison with her two days earlier. Although
Carol flushed slightly, it didn’t stop her from removing her clothes. Mine
were not far behing. As we moved to the bed, I commented on the home-made
dildo she had used and promised her that store bought were better.

After promising each other that the smoking and sex would never be
related to her mother, we kissed. It wasn’t a hard kiss, but a gentle first
time kiss. Her perfume was intoxicating and I wasted no time in nibbling her
ears and neck. With her hands guiding me, I moved to her small but beautiful
breasts, alternately licking and sucking each one. I suggested that she choose
the toy she wanted to try and moved further down. I felt myself getting wet as
my tongue tickled her clitoris. Her juices were also flowing and I inserted a
finger into her pussy to get a sample. She moaned at my hand and tongue actions
and started to slowly lift and drop her tender ass off the bed. In my frenzy
to bring her to orgasm, I barely heard the various buzzing sounds as she tried
each vibrator. I was somewhat disappointed when my movement to insert a finger
into her anus was met with resistance and she confided in me that she had never
experimented with anal sex.
With renewed vigor, I concentrated on her clitoris and vagina. As I
slowly moved two fingers in and out, trying to discover her g spot, my tongue
constantly licked her clit and lips. In a few moments, she came. Even though
I hadn’t touched myself, I came too. The reason I came was that Carol is one
of those rare women whose juices flow so freely at orgasm that they appear to
ejaculate. I reveled in the wetness splashing over my face and rubbed it in to
preserve that erotic aroma.
By now, she had decided upon on a dildo. Carol expressed some concerns
about battery or electric devices, and I suggested that we start slow and use
a double dildo. We hoped that our sessions would be frequent and on-going, so
there would be plenty of time for experimentation.
I reversed positions so that our legs intertwined and our pussies were
just a few inches apart. I lubricated the 3″ wide dildo with strawberry jelly
as Carol began stroking both of our clits. Even though she was in her early
twenties, she had the technique of an experienced lesbian. I set the dildo on
the bed and we inserted fingers into each others pussies. The fucking motion
started slowly, but neither of us were content with slowness and before long we
were sitting facing each other, kissing each others breasts and frantically
fingering our clits. I was a little jealous at the ease with which Carol came,
but was not far behind. Our actions caused my cot to make erotic squeaking
Carol lit another joint and I decided to pass {lightweight}. As she
inhaled, I again marvelled at her nipples and smooth skin. I slowly inserted
the dildo into my love hole until it was in to the handle. Carol finished her
pot and lay back so I could insert the other end into hers. We slid closed
together and I began slowly moving the dildo back and forth. I can’t describe
how horny it makes me to watch the rubber cock disappear and reappear beneath
my hands. We both moaned with excitement and I increased the speed until we
both were again coming. I nearly pleaded with Carol for the opportunity to
again lick her juices and she gladly moved into a ’69’ position. The combina-
tion of the strawberry jelly and her come nearly drove me mad and we joyfully
licked and sucked until we both experienced another orgasm.
Somewhat tired, we decided to take a break and shower, intent upon
returning to the room. We lathered each other and I was again melancholy about
her glorious ass being off limits. After gently drying each other, we made tea
and returned to the attic. Somewhat exhausted, Carol suggested that we watch a
movie. I related the titles and general themes of the movies I owned and she
decided upon a film left me by a friend from Michigan. I found it to be some-
what outre’ but she interested in watching a movie about beastiality.
Grasping the opportunity, I suggested we trade off her viewing for my
ministrations to her anus, promising to stop if it became too painful. I was
surprised at how quickly she agreed, but wasted no time in inserting the tape
into the VCR. Apparently home made, the film had no credits. I had Carol lie
on her stomach facing the TV and began to massage her neck and back. There was
obviously no plot or dialogue either as the first time I looked a woman about
45 was licking the extended cock of a german shepard. Carol moaned as I gently
moved my fingers and tongue up and down her back, legs and ass. By the time I
was ready to lick and lubricate her anus, the woman in the film was violently
masturbating herself while slurpily sucking and jerking the dog’s penis. As I
had hoped, Carols sweetness extended to her ass and the tightness against my
tongue made me very hot. Her moans, either from enjoying the movie, me or both
got progressively louder. I reached for some jelly and looked at the screen to
see the actress on her back with her legs splayed into the air, trying to guide
the shepard to her pussy. Apparently aroused from a combination of her licking
and her aroma, the dog was not the least hesitant about fucking her.
Since Carol was intrigued by the video, and not available to tend to my
pussy, I strapped on my butterfly and set the speed to medium.
After applying the jelly, I told Carol that I would be inserting an
anal dildo and that there would be some momentary pain until it was inserted
far enough to pass the sphincter muscle. She moaned her approval and asked me
to pay some attention to her wet crotch. I needed as little urging as the dog
and slid a pillow under her stomach to lift her cute ass and pussy. As I slid
my left hand between her legs, she opened them as wide as possible. My thumb
caressed her clit as my remaining fingers massaged her mons veneris and pubic
hair. When she began moaning louder, I slowly inserted the dildo inter her
ass. Carol tensed her muscles and I suggested that she pretend that she were
farting to loosen them up. When she did so, the dildo slid in easily. Since
she was protected by the rubber, I recommended a small vibrator into the end
of the dildo, to increase her pleasure. She nodded her approval and whimpered
when I turned the unit on.
I held the unit in place while my other hand stroked her clitoris and
felt myself getting wetter. Now satisfied, the woman in the first scene had
been replaced by a girl that was probably under eighteen and a Shetland pony.
I rearranged myself to be out of view of the screen and began licking her legs
and ass cheeks, all the time squeezing her love button and slowly sliding the
dildo in and out of her ass. She began slowly moving her hips up and down and
I allowed her to set the speed of my movements. Carol moved faster and faster
until she came, almost violently. I came at almost the same moment and found
a new reason to enjoy Carol. She squeeled when she came and sounded very much
like Traci Lords. After coming, my new found lover collapsed back onto the bed
and I removed the dildo.
We had more tea and slept in each others arms for several hours, spent
in more ways than one. Upon waking, I mentioned that the movie had commanded
much of her attention and that if movies were her particular preference, I had
many women/women videos for her to view and mentioned that it might be fun to
act out the activity on the screen. She agreed and we decided to get together
again the next day. The movie she selected was about women in prison. It gave
me an opportunity to use my handcuffs and demonstrate the pleasures of master
slave sex, but that is another story.
J. D.