Lucky Teenage Girl

working down my back, she began soaping my buttocks….
gently kneading my ass cheeks, she dropped to her knees on
the wet floor, continuing her message down my thighs to my calfs.
I turned around to look at her. She just smiled at me, reaching
out her hand. I took her hand and helped her back to her feet.
“I’m starving, lets go to my apartment and grab some lunch.”
she said. Unable to say anything, I just nodded and followed
her to the lockers. We quickly dried off, got dressed, and lef
t the gym. Walking the few blocks to her apartment, she told
me her name was Raven and that she was a computer analyst. I
told her that mine was Cassie and I was a CPA. Over lunch we
discussed various topics, but never touching down on what had
transpired at the gym. Taking a last bite of her sandwhich, washing
it down with the last of her wine, she looked me straight in
the eye and said,”Cassie, now that we have finished with this
trivial bullshit, I’d like to get to the reason that I invited
you here. I saw the way you looked at me in the dance class,
and I could feel how your body reacted in the shower to my touch.
Let’s cut the crap and be honest.