Masturbation In The Shower

Soon enough, I was slipping my soapy finger inside
My nipples responded almost immediately, pushing erect against
my hot cunt, rubbing my throbbing clit with my thumb. Even though
I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I was ever alone with her,
I was still turned on at the prospect. Startled, I guiltily removed
my hands from my aching cunt, and turned at the sound of the
shower door being opened. It was her! “I hope you don’t mind,
but all the others are occupied. Can we share?” I was stunned!
She was absolutely beautiful! Naked, slippery, shiny skin, with
nothing on but a gold chain around her middle. I mumbled that
I was almost done, and that she could have the shower to her
self. “No, I said that I wanted to SHARE it, if that’s ok with
you.” Not believing what she was saying, I didn’t reply, I just
handed her the soap, and turned to wet my red face. Imagine
my suprise when she started soaping my back! Making my skin tingle,
she gently soaped my back and neck, making these tiny circles.