Her First Lesbian Sex

She put her lips to mine,
gently at first, she kissed, then sucked at my lips, probing
with her tongue. More urgent now, we traded tongues, relishing
in our first kiss. I could feel the heat begin between my legs.
Feeling bolder, I ran my hand up and down her back, finally coming
around her side, up her flat tummy, to her breast, which overfilled
my hand, even through her bra. She moaned at my touch. Pulling
away from her, I tugged at her shirt tucked inside her jeans.
Pulling it up and over her head, I gazed at her overflowing tits,
straining at their confinement. Unclasping her bra from the front,
I peeled it away from her body.
Her First Lesbian Sex
Her tits seemed to leap out at
me, begging me to touch. I cupped her breasts in my hands.
I gently squeezed her breasts. I decided that I wanted to see
more. She must have had the same idea, because she began tugging
at my clothes. After a brief moment, we were nude, gazing at
each other. Stepping toward me, she licked first one nipple,
then the other, bringing them both erect. I threw my head back,
reaching for her breasts, feeling my pussy tingle. Falling to
the bed,she laid on top of me, kissing and sucking my nipples,
making me hot, pressing her body into mine. I ran my hands through
her long hair down her back to her sweet little ass.

Woman Loving Woman

I think that you need some
serious loving, and I mean loving the way only a woman could
understand. So if I haven’t shocked you, or offended you, will
you consider making love to me? Well… ah… er… I’ve never
done this before, but if you’ll help me learn…?” I left the
rest of the sentence unfinished, desperatley praying that she
wouldn’t turn me down. “Come then, and experience.” she said,
taking my hand and rising to her feet.

Following her into her bedroom, my hands were shaking, my thoughts
were spinning around in my head, but all I wanted to do was to
please my new friend. Sitting, facing her on the bed, we gazed
into each other eyes. She reached out and cupped my face in her
delicate little hands. Leaning toward me, her sweet breath fanned
my face, as she kissed my eyebrow, my cheek, and with a wet little
tongue traced my ear. Chills ran down my spine, and my back arched.
I put my arms around her and gasped.

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working down my back, she began soaping my buttocks….
gently kneading my ass cheeks, she dropped to her knees on
the wet floor, continuing her message down my thighs to my calfs.
I turned around to look at her. She just smiled at me, reaching
out her hand. I took her hand and helped her back to her feet.
“I’m starving, lets go to my apartment and grab some lunch.”
she said. Unable to say anything, I just nodded and followed
her to the lockers. We quickly dried off, got dressed, and lef
t the gym. Walking the few blocks to her apartment, she told
me her name was Raven and that she was a computer analyst. I
told her that mine was Cassie and I was a CPA. Over lunch we
discussed various topics, but never touching down on what had
transpired at the gym. Taking a last bite of her sandwhich, washing
it down with the last of her wine, she looked me straight in
the eye and said,”Cassie, now that we have finished with this
trivial bullshit, I’d like to get to the reason that I invited
you here. I saw the way you looked at me in the dance class,
and I could feel how your body reacted in the shower to my touch.
Let’s cut the crap and be honest.

Masturbation In The Shower

Soon enough, I was slipping my soapy finger inside
My nipples responded almost immediately, pushing erect against
my hot cunt, rubbing my throbbing clit with my thumb. Even though
I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I was ever alone with her,
I was still turned on at the prospect. Startled, I guiltily removed
my hands from my aching cunt, and turned at the sound of the
shower door being opened. It was her! “I hope you don’t mind,
but all the others are occupied. Can we share?” I was stunned!
She was absolutely beautiful! Naked, slippery, shiny skin, with
nothing on but a gold chain around her middle. I mumbled that
I was almost done, and that she could have the shower to her
self. “No, I said that I wanted to SHARE it, if that’s ok with
you.” Not believing what she was saying, I didn’t reply, I just
handed her the soap, and turned to wet my red face. Imagine
my suprise when she started soaping my back! Making my skin tingle,
she gently soaped my back and neck, making these tiny circles.

Gym Lesbian Fantasy

Here I was, sweating my ass off at my aerobics class, thinking
what an asswhole my ex-boyfriend was, when I lost my concentration,
stumbled, and fell into the most beautiful woman that I had ever
seen. She had black, straight hair, that fell almost to her waist,
bright green eyes, a rosy complexion, and an enviable bust line.
She couldn’t have been more than 5’2″ tall. Slim, trim, sexy
as hell, just what I had always wanted to be. But I was tall,
sure I was in shape, but men never seemed to go for the tall
ones. Over come by her beauty, I mumbled an apology, grabbed
my towel, and headed for the showers. Standing in the warmth
of the shower, I couldn’t keep my mind off that girl. I had never
had an experience with a woman, and I wasn’t sure that I had
ever wanted to. But something about this girl…I don’t know,
just got me thinking. I started fantasizing about what she would
look like without her leotard on. Needless to say I got turned
on by my thoughts. With soapy fingers, I began to mindlessly
caress my breasts and nipples, all the while thinking about her.
My nipples responded almost immediately, pushing erect against
my hands. I felt a heat start in my pussy, and a pulsating sensation
in my clit.

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I’m a lesbian and have never tried to hide it. I mean, I don’t go

out knocking doors in the neighborhood proclaiming that I’m a

lesbian, but if somebody were to ask me if I was, I would say

yes. Now my partner Valerie is different. She works at a school

and if it ever got out that she liked women, her career would be

over, at least that’s what she thinks.

Lena and Zoe outdoors

So when I got home from work, and started to ask how her day was

I could see that she was visibly shaken, so I asked, “what’s the

matter baby?”. It was then that she handed me the envelope, and

as she did the pictures fell out on the floor.

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