Pussys dripping wet

Paulina and Kylies pussys are dripping wet
“It’s too late for that,” I replied.
“Oh yeah?” she slowly reached down my stomach to end up
between my legs. I bucked up against her and threw back my head
from the force of the wave of excitement that washed over me from
her touch.
“Let’s go,” and with that she took me by the hand and
pulled me to her bedroom.
Once inside with the door shut and quiet music playing in
the background, we undressed each other, careful to tantalize
whatever flesh we could come in contact with in the process. She
sat me down on her bed and pushed me back slowly, kissing me and
pressing her body next to mine. I spread my legs and she lay
down on top of me between my thighs, our pubic bones pressed
together. Still kissing, we stroked each other and started
thrusting our hips at each other. I struggled to match her
rhythm as I started to lose control of my coordination, but it
was a losing battle. Soon I had to rely on her to keep up the
good work as all I could do was drown in the sensations rising
from my clitoris to my vagina to my belly and up. I ran my hands
up and down her back to her ass and around to her upper thighs.
Quiet moans escaped her with every breath and I found myself
answering those moans with groans of my own. We could not kiss;
we were concentrated on the feelings of our bodies straining
against one another, feeling the heat from between our legs
encompass us, and the sweat pouring off of us. Her weight felt
good on me and I was sorry when she lifted herself off and moved
down, kissing my body passionately all over. But, I wasn’t sorry
for long when she reached the hottest spot of all. Her tongue
touched my clitoris and I let out an involuntary moan.