Sapphic Babes

We watched each other like this in silence, and I could see that
she was exploring my body with her eyes. After being so horny all
afternoon, I was close to popping when we started. I closed my eyes
and shuddered–coming in a wash of wet ecstasy.

I opened my eyes and she was watching me intently, and licking her lips.
I knew she was almost ready too. I started rubbing myself again with my
left hand as I licked my juice off my right. Kristen brought her legs
up as she tensed for the release, and bit her lip, letting out a little
squeak. She was tightly clutching her right breast with her left hand,
and my lust took over at the sight of her pleasure. I leaned forward
and grabbed her other tit with my wet right hand, squeezing and feeling.

We were very close at that moment, and looking into each other’s eyes.I
knew that I was going to come again and hoped we came together. Suddenly,
she gasped and squenched her eyes shut. I bucked my hips wildly, trying
to reach my peak. I boiled at the core, and we came as one.