Teenie First Lesbian Sex

Teenie First Lesbian Sex
Wanting to make
her feel as I had felt, my pussy still twitching with waves of
pleasure, I pulled her on to my chest. “Now, I want to taste
you” I told her, grabbing her ass, and pulling her pussy to my
mouth. The first taste was wonderful. I began frantically to
lap at her dripping pussy as I wrapped my arms around her. She
began to grind her pussy into my mouth, rocking her hips backa
and forth, around in circles. Grabbing her ass, I pulled her
harder down on my face, trying to stick my tongue into her as
deeply as possible. She cried out, grabbing my head, and violently
began to whip her hips over my mouth, saying my name over an
over. My face was covered with her pussy juice, but I didn’t
care. I could tell she was close to coming. Spreading her legs
wider over my face, she pushed her pussy harder into my mouth,
frantically rocking back and forth.