Three lucky lesbians

lucky lesbians threesome
It felt
so hot and wet and good and she moved it to make it feel even
more hot and wet and good until I could no longer think in complete sentences and my back arched up and my entire crotch was so
wet I could feel it dripping down to my ass and my leg muscles
clenched and unclenched with the pleasure and I tried to be quiet
because her roommate was home but I just couldn’t hold back the
moans and I tried to bite back the screams so that they came out
quietly and it felt so hot and wet and her tongue was so hot and
wet and it made me jerk and press up against her tongue that was
so hot and wet and good and I could hardly breath I was panting
so hard and I couldn’t hear the music over my moaning and I could
feel the vibrations through her tongue that was so hot and wet
from her own moans that came out with her every breath and I
could feel her pelvis grinding rhythmically into the bed as she
became excited by my moans and panting and wetness and my taste
as her tongue moved so hot and wet and good and then it was so
hot and wet and good that I couldn’t stand it and still she went
on and on until I exploded from my clitoris outward and I
screamed even though I tried to hold it back I just couldn’t and
I pushed up hard against her tongue and she worked it until she
could get no more response from me than that from a rag doll.
Totally spent, I almost passed out right there. She
wiped her face on my inner thighs and pulled herself up to collapse on top of me. Her weight was comforting to me, and her
soft kisses on my face and neck were so tender and gentle that I
struggled to return them. “Shhhh,” she stroked my shoulder,
“Just relax,” and I dozed off in her arms as she stroked my now
lifeless body and smoothed my hair. The last thing I remember is
drinking some water that she held to my lips before falling
asleep next to her, only to wake up a very satisfied Kitten in
the morning.