Woman Loving Woman

I think that you need some
serious loving, and I mean loving the way only a woman could
understand. So if I haven’t shocked you, or offended you, will
you consider making love to me? Well… ah… er… I’ve never
done this before, but if you’ll help me learn…?” I left the
rest of the sentence unfinished, desperatley praying that she
wouldn’t turn me down. “Come then, and experience.” she said,
taking my hand and rising to her feet.

Following her into her bedroom, my hands were shaking, my thoughts
were spinning around in my head, but all I wanted to do was to
please my new friend. Sitting, facing her on the bed, we gazed
into each other eyes. She reached out and cupped my face in her
delicate little hands. Leaning toward me, her sweet breath fanned
my face, as she kissed my eyebrow, my cheek, and with a wet little
tongue traced my ear. Chills ran down my spine, and my back arched.
I put my arms around her and gasped.